December 10, 2006

It's a thin line . . .

The sweetesst kitty in the world
Can be the meanest kitty in the world
If you make him that way

Well, he didn't actually get mean--note the retracted claws and how he even let me put him back in my lap--but man, Spike was quite adorably put out by having his ears goo-cleaned. Just to show that the Snarky One is not the only one who can, with an act of love, provoke an Eyeball of Rage. And, as a bonus, Flat Ears of Intense Displeasure.

December 21, 2006

Chicken cake!

Note: Does not contain actual poultry.

I have a friend who loves chickens, fondant, white cake, and having a less shitty time than she's been having lately. As a gesture at doing something small about the last of those, I combined the first three.

I never said I was an artiste. ("Shiny" is my friend's nickname.)

The good thing about fondant? Even when the forces of the F train conspire against you and you see the cake box drop to the ground in slow motion and land pretty much upside down? And ride the rest of the way to work full of sorrow, sure that all is lost? You may just find upon arriving and opening the box that all is perfectly fine within.