August 25, 2007

Vegas '07: The Retrospective. Part Deux.

I have many, many, MANY photos of the Grand Canyon. But the most interesting ones are below: the ones of the storm that flew over us twice during our afternoon there. There were two strange things about it:

1. Because the canyon is so immense, we could see different, sunshiny weather seemingly not far away.
2. It frickin' TUNNELED. As Alanna said, "I'm no weatherologist, but isn't that a tornado?"

Incidentally, the dappling storm phenomenon put "King of the Mountain" by Midnight Oil in my head for the rest of the trip--"Bad storm coming, better run to the top of the mountain / Mountain in the shadow and light, rain in the valley below".

Stage 1: Looming overhead.

Stage 2: Tunneling.

Stage 3: No, seriously, it's tunneling. But note the sunshine in the distance on the lower left.

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