December 21, 2006

Chicken cake!

Note: Does not contain actual poultry.

I have a friend who loves chickens, fondant, white cake, and having a less shitty time than she's been having lately. As a gesture at doing something small about the last of those, I combined the first three.

I never said I was an artiste. ("Shiny" is my friend's nickname.)

The good thing about fondant? Even when the forces of the F train conspire against you and you see the cake box drop to the ground in slow motion and land pretty much upside down? And ride the rest of the way to work full of sorrow, sure that all is lost? You may just find upon arriving and opening the box that all is perfectly fine within.


July 18, 2006

La Scultura

A friend of mine with whom I am engaged in mutual blogstalking (when you're as shitty a correspondent as I am, that's what things eventually devolve to) noted that she was getting a little worried each time I appeared in her RSS feed; it's been all homeless harassers, suicidal strangers, and dead pets.

To combat the downcast vibe, I present some more pulled sugar art. I won't bother showing the whole cake it ended up on, since it wound up very similar to a previous one. But it was oh so pretty and kinetic before it was placed.

December 31, 2005

Cakemania victory!

I won! I won! I more than salvaged the sugar project. I learned from this morning's green experiment and tried again, this time in amber and this time actually trying to make the pull shapes. I was even able to make one with pulls on both ends that wrapped around the cake (see 9 o'clock on the photo below and the piece overlapping it--they're really the same). Fuck yeah! Looks like stained glass, burns like stained glass if mishandled, but oh, much better results when you eat it.

It was all I could do not to start punching into the air, screaming, "IN YOUR FACE!!!"

But I managed.